The most important things in life

I think that the most important things in life, and something that money cannot buy, are health and happiness. After getting ill from gastroenteritis (I finally recovered today… Thanks to everybody who made me feel better when I was sick; you realize just how important friends and family are when they’re there for you when it counts), and after hearing about the sudden death of a friend’s fiance, I realized that to accomplish anything in life, we must be healthy, and of course the motivation to keep living life is happiness. After what happened to me in my last relationship, it’s nothing compared to what happened to Deb… I’m so sorry for her loss, even though I didn’t know her fiance. But they were a happy couple ready to get married, and it makes what happened to me seem like child’s play. So please appreciate those around you while you still can. Life is short and fleeting, so never take life for granted! Don’t be afraid to try new things, because you only live once.

Looking forward to spending some quality time with my grandma tomorrow. <3



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