Yongkang (永康) Street – great eats

A famous mango ice store that tourists always visit when they’re in Taipei is “Ice Monster”. The original store used to be located on Yongkang street, just off of MRT Dongmen station, until the owners (then husband and wife, now divorced) got into a dispute and the husband ended up leaving Yongkang street and starting Ice Monster.

After hearing from quite a few people that Yongkang street has good food and good shopping, I visited the street on Monday evening because I wanted a change from the usual places I shop at. We ended up eating street food, with 0 clothes shopping because there was so much to see and eat in terms of good food! Yongkong street is located at Exit 5, and on a weekend is crowded with people. We still had to wait a bit on Monday evening, but it’s definitely not as bad, so if possible: come on a weekday!!


My favourite food of the evening was green onion pancake stuffed with ham, basil, cheese, and egg:



A stand selling Taiwanese chicken nuggets, as well as other fried goods (The eggplant was good!):


Tainan (a city in Southern Taiwan) eats:

Rice cake:


Steamed shrimp rice dumpling:


Soft-serve at IOU (I thought their soft serve was alright; they were having a BOGO promotion, but at the original price of 95NTD per cone, it’s not really worth it IMO):




Milk/matcha (the matcha tasted a bit icy):


There is a small community park nearby as well (Yongkang park), so it gives people the option of having somewhere to sit down and eat.

Taiwan, you never cease to amaze me with your street foods.


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