Left brain? Right brain? Take the test!

Have you ever wondered if you’re left brain dominant or right brain dominant? According to psychology, the dominant side of your brain can give an insight into the type of things you’re good at. If you’re left brain dominant, then you’re better at logical thinking, strategy, and are rational. However, if you’re right brain dominant, then you tend to be more creative and rely more on intuition rather than logic.

CF shared a link to a 30-second test from Sommer-Sommer that you can take to find out whether you’re left or right brain dominant!

Take the test

My results showed that I’m extremely right brain dominant (81%).



6 thoughts on “Left brain? Right brain? Take the test!

  1. L says:

    I got 50% 50% lol. I don’t think it’s that accurate. Because each time I look at the dancer it turns a different direction as for putting hand on head lol my right hand is using the mouse!

    • Really? I did the test twice and both times I got roughly the same result.

      And that’s so interesting how you can switch the direction of the dancers so easily, because I can’t do that unless I try really hard!

  2. I got more left brain! I got confused with the colours too :X
    its weird how all these diff test you can take to determine if you’re right or left brained. Like… clasp your hands.. is your right or left thumb on top?
    right thumb = left brained
    left thumb = right brained

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