Konayuki – Taipei

When I visited Hokkaido this summer, I passed by the cake store LeTao, and mentioned that there’s a place selling their famous double fromage cheesecake right here in Taipei. (For the post, see here: Day 4 afternoon: Otaru Canal)

The cafe in Taipei is called “Konayuki”, and it’s located close to MRT Zhongshan station, in one of the little alleys that’s packed full of cute cafes and restaurants, including Coffee Alley and Melange Cafe.

That day, CF had invited Meimei and me to listen to the Danjiang University alumni orchestra’s performance (their theme this year was “Love, present tense”, and in the middle of the performance, love letters were read and flowers were given; it was very sweet. <3). The plan was to go for double fromage cheesecake after, but when the performance ended, it was already dinner time. I think Konayuki is better to go for dessert than for dinner because of their minimum order rule. The rule there is that everyone must order either a drink or a parfait, so if you’re hungry and expecting to get full from eating Konayuki’s sandwiches, it can be a bit pricey.

Meimei’s cappuccino:


We ordered a sandwich to share, and decided on the cheese croquette/smoked salmon combo (2 cheese croquette sandwiches, and 2 smoked salmon sandwiches):


The cheese croquette sandwich is Konayuki’s most well-known sandwich. I thought the sandwiches were very simple and quite tasty, but to be honest, the price was a bit steep since they were tiny and we finished them in about 2 minutes. You’ll find a much better deal for sandwiches at “Shark Bites Toast”.

Lastly, CF and I each ordered a parfait (fresh fruit parfait, with a piece of double fromage cheesecake on top):


Their cheesecake was amazing, as expected. It’s actually flown in from Hokkaido, and Konayuki is the only place that you can get the double fromage cheesecake in Taiwan.

There are so many options for good eats in Taipei, and because I have a budget, Konayuki is unfortunately not a place I can visit often. However, with that being said, I’m glad that the option exists in Taipei for those who love LeTao’s double fromage cheesecake; if you’re craving it, it’s conveniently just a few MRT stations (instead of a plane ride) away!

7 thoughts on “Konayuki – Taipei

    • I don’t think they fly them in every single day. But they do need to be kept refrigerated, so they are probably sent over frozen.

      And a double fromage cheesecake is made up of 2 separate layers: 1 layer is more dense with the consistency of cake, the other layer is fluffy and has a mousse-like consistency.

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