Settling Down

For my whole life, I have been on the move. From Taiwan to Canada, back to Taiwan, then back to Canada again. And during that time I have gone to 5 elementary schools, 2 high schools, and thankfully, only 1 university. Needless to say, I’ve also lived at many different addresses; so many that I cannot remember all of them. I didn’t enjoy moving around so much at such a young age; as a child, I didn’t have the sense of security that I needed, and it didn’t help that my mother was 9500km away half the time.

However, all that changed this summer when I made the move back to Taiwan. It might not be the last move, since things tend to change in ways you least expect them to, but as of right now, it feels pretty permanent.

Do I miss my life back in Canada? Of course I do. I did live there for 15 years after all. I miss the weather, I miss my friends, and I miss the familiarity. Moving back to Taiwan must have been one of the toughest decisions I had to make in all my 23 years, but so far, it’s been good.

I started the summer in Taiwan by participating in an internship program at NMMBA (down in Pingtung), and that was a life-changing experience for me. It was one of my happiest summers, and it transformed me in ways I can’t explain. After the internship ended, I moved back to Taipei to be with my family, and I am joyous to be spending a lot of quality time now with two of my favourite people in the whole world: my mom and my grandma. I really admire their positive outlook on life. My grandma isn’t the typical grandma either: she uses an iPad, plays Candy Crush, Skypes, and chats with me through the IM App “Line”! My grandma always knows what to say; she is my lighthouse when I am lost at sea on a dark night.


Now that the worst season of Taiwan has passed (summer), it is officially winter here. There isn’t really an autumn here in Taiwan; autumn sort of blends in with summer, then the weather changes dramatically and it’s suddenly 12C, with no central heating. Needless to say, even though temperature-wise it doesn’t sound too cold, it sure feels cold. Thankfully I am already quite adapted from living in Canada for all these years. Plus, I enjoy the cold and cannot stand the heat!

I am starting to settle down to life in Taiwan. Things are falling into place, and I am adapting to life here in this bustling city that is so different from Vancouver, yet it’s also a city I call home.

The best skill to have in life is the ability to adapt. Without adapting, we can never keep up with sudden changes that life throws at us. Then we’ll just be left behind in this ever-changing world.

I have two homes: Vancouver and Taipei. Right now I am living in Taipei, but who knows where I’ll end up 10 years from now? I will go where the wind blows.

For those who are wondering how I’m doing in Taiwan, please don’t worry. I am fine and doing well. Feel free to visit me though! I am always happy to see a friend again. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit some of you soon as well.


9 thoughts on “Settling Down

  1. I am going to Taiwan at the end of this week and was wondering if it really is that cold? I’ve heard that it doesn’t get too cold where a coat or a woolly jacket is needed, and have heard that temperatures just vary around 20 degrees? Is this true? Would I need to pack more jumpers etc? Haha Sorry for all the questions, just coming from half way across the world and not sure what to pack :S

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