How Doctors Die: NY Times

I came across this article while browsing the NY Times today, and I wanted to share it with everyone:

How Doctors Die: NY Times

The article follows the story of Dr. McKinley, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and ended up refusing treatment when the cancer spread to her brain.

Death is a relatively morbid subject, and most of us don’t want to die, yet it’s something that we all have to face eventually. Some get there sooner, whereas others don’t get there as quickly, but eventually we all die.

If you were suddenly told by the doctor that you only have a year to live, how would you spend that time, and how would you like to die?

Would you accept treatment if it meant prolonging your life, but that life will cause physical and psychological suffering?

I would personally rather live my last remaining days with my loved ones, without spending that time in the ICU, and doing everything on my bucket list (which includes hot air balloon and seeing the aurora!). I would likely receive treatment to a certain point, but beyond that, I would refuse.

This is why I’m not against assisted suicide, if it’s the patient’s choice to go through with it rather than living a life of suffering. Sometimes a person stays alive because his/her family cannot let them go, but oftentimes it’s the more humane thing to let them go and move on.


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