The ‘Minimum Order’ Rule

Many popular cafes in Taiwan such as Melange Cafe, Dazzling Cafe, and Konayuki have a ‘minimum order’ rule where each person must order one drink. I would understand the rule if it’s because they want everyone to at least order one thing, since you’re taking up a seat, but it’s unreasonable that the one thing you order must be a drink. What if you’re going there for their honey toast, or for their cake? Nope, you must order a drink. What if I order a sandwich AND a cake? Sorry, order a drink. But I can’t finish a drink by myself– Too bad. Get the damn drink.

Seriously? :\



4 thoughts on “The ‘Minimum Order’ Rule

  1. It’s probably because the profit margin is the biggest on drinks. But yeah, I can understand your frustration and these businesses need to think about the customer’s needs first.

    • I talked to a Taiwanese friend about the issue, and he said that it’s because rent is so high in Taipei, and like you said, the profit margin is the biggest in drinks.

      It does make me reluctant to go back to certain restaurants as a result though.

  2. I’ve found it’s kind of like that at some restaurants here too. They offer food at like UNBELIEVABLY cheap prices, but then say you must order a drink (often times, it’s either regular price or more expensive). So odds are, that’s probably where they’re making their cash, by making you by drinks there

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