The Dentist’s

People in Taiwan often comment on my teeth and how white and nice they look.

Well, I don’t drink a lot of coffee or tea (people here in Taiwan drink more tea than coffee, which is quite different from Canada. But by tea, I mean bubble tea.. So tea shops thrive in Taiwan, whereas cafes, not so much.)

Also, I occasionally use whitening strips. It’s hard to find teeth-whitening products here though, and they don’t have the big brands that are available in North America, and I’m iffy about trying out unfamiliar brands. I got so desperate for whitening strips that I asked a friend to send some to me from Vancouver.

Lastly, I think getting regular dental check-ups and getting your teeth cleaned (at least once a year, but better if it’s twice a year) are so important to dental health! It’s so cheap to get your teeth cleaned in Taiwan (Only 100NTD/3.33CAD in New Taipei City or 150NTD/5CAD in Taipei City)… So it baffles me that people don’t go more often. My teeth are not perfect, and they get sensitive sometimes (I wonder if I inherited that from my mother?), but I’d like to keep them as healthy as possible for as long as I can. I almost developed gingivitis as a kid because nobody taught me how to brush my teeth properly, and I suffered through almost four years of braces during high school/uni, among many other unpleasant ordeals involving my mouth. I never used to floss, and now I listen to my dentist and floss every single day; it has made a huge difference. I just wish I had started earlier.

So for me, good oral health not only means a lovely smile, but also physical as well as mental health!


11 thoughts on “The Dentist’s

  1. I bought my sister a pack of whitening strips a while back, but she didn’t like using them because it irritates her teeth (perhaps her teeth were sensitive?). I haven’t bothered with whitening strips before. Do brands really matter?

  2. L says:

    Yeah teeth is important for overall health.I didn’t know you wanted whitening strips :O From the comment above, I think they wouldn’t work for me either because I have really sensitive teeth :(
    My gawd that’s cheap for teeth cleaning O_O

    • Yeah, the National Health Insurance here cover a lot for dental, so a lot of people from Taiwan who live overseas but still have health insurance here wait until they come back to Taiwan to get dental work done.

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