Seashell Temple

This past Sunday I went to a temple that was made entirely from seashells and coral. It was so neat, and by far the coolest temple I’ve ever visited!

It’s located on a mountain in Sanzhi (三芝), near Danshui/Tamsui, so it’s not easy to find, and it’s definitely not accessible unless you are travelling by scooter or car. The good is that there aren’t many people, but the bad is that you can’t bring people to visit there if you don’t have a form of transportation…






This is a Taoist temple, so the deities here were not very familiar to me, but I still held incense, and I went through the small seashell tunnel/passageway located at the back of the temple and asked the deities there to bless everyone I love with good health and happiness! :) Because I think when it really comes down to it, that is all we really need in life.


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