Songwriters are the souls in music

I have been listening to Chinese songs these days, and there are a couple that I keep going back to. One because it’s something I can relate to, and the other for the story behind it. They are both great pieces, and after I found out who wrote the lyrics and melody for the songs, I thought: “No wonder these songs are so good! The writers are truly talented.” Sometimes it’s not enough to have a good voice, because the songwriters are the soul in music, and the singers just bring the music and the feelings to life.

張惠妹 A-mei’s “掉了” (“To Lose”) – Melody and lyrics by 吳青峰 (The singer in the Taiwanese band Sodagreen/蘇打綠)

吳青峰wrote this song for A-mei to remember her teacher and mentor, 張雨生 by. He was killed in a car crash when he drove under the influence, so this song is very close to A-mei’s heart. I attached the link to her singing this song live during a concert in 2011. I got the chills when I listened to her sing this song live; she cried near the end too.

蕭亞軒 Elva’s “錯的人” (“Wrong Person”) – Melody and lyrics by 吳克群

I love 吳克群’s songs. He’s a singer himself as well. I am always impressed with people who write and sing their own songs. They’re actually talented when it comes to music, rather than being another puppet in the music industry.

太容易 不顧一切 滿是傷痕



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