Shall We Dance?

I attended dance class yesterday. It was the second class that I attended in Taiwan; the first class was last week but it was an advanced class, so yesterday I switched a class with a different teacher.

It feels nice to be dancing again after 5 months of inactivity. I really enjoy ballroom dancing, and it’s a hobby that I hope to pursue for a very long time. I’m actually pretty bad at it right now, but it’s so much fun: both watching AND dancing.

I don’t really have a favourite dance at this point, but in terms of watching, I enjoy watching Viennese waltz (for modern) and Rumba (for Latin).

I’m glad I signed up for dance class rather than yoga class. Even yoga is really good for you, but I would regret not continuing dance after dancing for half a year back in UBC dance club!

In the future if I ever get married, I hope my husband can learn ballroom dancing so we can dance at the wedding!


One thought on “Shall We Dance?

  1. I remember when I took dancing lessons a few years back. I signed up for ballroom and salsa and it was so much fun, especially ballroom. When you’re dancing with the right partner it’s the most divine feeling, almost like you’re weightless. So glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself in your classes!

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