Casa Della Pasta

CindTee is leaving Taipei tonight to return to Vancouver, so we went out for one last lunch today. V hung out with us today as well, and we went to Casa Della Pasta (a mere 2 minute walk from MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua station) for Italian food. It’s been months since I’ve last stepped foot into an Italian restaurant, so I was glad for the change. I haven’t had good Italian food since arriving in Taiwan! V said that there’s usually a line-up, and as it was Sunday noon, we expected to line-up for a table, but the restaurant was surprisingly empty so we were seated right away.

We ordered 2 appetizers and 3 mains to share:

Deep- fried Calamari with tomato sauce 4/5


This dish was CindTee’s favourite because she loves squid. The squid wasn’t too chewy (which is what I’m afraid of whenever I have squid), and the tomato sauce was actual tomato sauce, not ketchup.

Deep fried chicken filets with sour plum sauce 4/5


The chicken was tender and combined with sour plum sauce, it was a delicious salty and sour combination!

Seafood Pizza 3/5


This is a thin crust pizza topped with scallops, squid, shrimp, and cheese. The pizza was pretty good, but I prefer pasta over pizza.

Pasta with olive oil, garlic, white wine and clams 3/5


The pasta portions here are quite big compared to other places, but not so big that you can’t finish it. CindTee enjoyed this pasta dish because it wasn’t too heavy and it was simple, and not too creamy. I preferred the next pasta dish precisely because I like my pasta creamy.

Pasta with pesto sauce and chicken 5/5


I love my pasta creamy, and this place makes really creamy pasta! I prefer pesto sauce over tomato-based or Alfredo sauce. Maybe because the basil helps to balance out the heavy cream, and because it smells so good.

The total bill came out to be under 1000NTD (~33CAD). Not bad for a meal of 3! I’d definitely come back again.


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