Malaysian Snack: Dodohl

CindTee arrived in Taipei on Thursday night to visit me, and she won’t be returning to Vancouver until tomorrow night, so we’ve been hanging out a lot! Last night she brought out an interesting Malaysian snack called Dodohl. At first I didn’t know what it was, because it looked like a dried up piece of leaf!


CindTee explained that I had to open the leaf up, and inside I will find a sticky rice cake. It’s a Malaysian version of coconut sticky rice cake:


She explained that there are no preservatives in the cake, and that it can last up to three whole months because of the leaf’s “preserving qualities”. I thought that was quite neat! It’s made by melting and boiling coconut sugar until it turns into a sticky, brown consistency (reminds me of the process of turning sugar into caramel). As for the taste, it tasted like sweet coconut candy, but chewy at the same time. It doesn’t stick to the teeth as much as I thought it would!

Yum, thanks for letting me try this tasty novelty food item, CindTee!! I love trying new things.

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