Girl Next Door

Yesterday at work, my coworker Megan (she’s the first person who befriended me in the office, and I love to talk to her) described me as being a “鄰家小女孩“ (later on I found out that it literally meant “the girl next door”). I didn’t know that there was a term for that in Chinese! And I didn’t really know what it meant either. Later on I Googled it and I guess that it does describe me. :P


A coworker brought in chiffon cupcakes from Jun Mei bakery for us on Thursday, because somebody did him a favour so he decided to treat all of us. Afternoon tea time!

Now if only the management here would let coworkers interact more… They don’t really want us to become friends or hang out, which is so different from the Western way of thinking where they want coworkers to become more friendly with each other to maximize work performance in a positive and friendly environment. So we chit chat and hang out behind their backs. I don’t see how that’s any better!


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