Mr. Right

I have been thinking a lot about relationships these past few days, and I have come to realize that for a woman, age is a big factor, and for a man, it’s money. If a woman wants to get married, she has the highest chance to meet someone if she is young. If a man wants to get married, age isn’t an issue as long as he is rich. Of course there are always exceptions to everything, but this is generally what’s most important for males and females who see marriage and family in their future plans.

I don’t think anyone can be perfect, but for me, it’s still important to have a few criteria when I’m considering a potential man who might possibly be my Mr. Right. If I don’t meet anyone who’s right for me, then I would probably choose to not marry, rather than marry just for the sake of getting married.

So, here’s the list of things I look for in my Mr. Right:

– Must be chivalrous:
In other words, he must be a gentleman. Ex. Holding the door open, walk on the traffic side of the road, look out for my safety, etc.
I know it might sound kind of old-fashioned, but I think it’s really sweet when a guy is a gentleman and treats his girl like a lady. Not only does it mean he cares about her safety, but that he respects her.

– Must treat people around him kindly:
Specifically his parents and those who work in customer service, for example the waiter or the cleaning lady. If a man treats his parents well (not to the point of being a mama’s boy), then that tells me he will treat his future family in a similar way. And if he treats the waiter or cleaning lady kindly, then it shows that he respects people regardless of their occupation, and that he isn’t just treating only you well just to impress you, but that he is genuinely a kind person in general.

– Must be financially stable:
Love is not enough to support a family. I don’t think the type of job matters too much; he doesn’t need to be a company’s CEO or the son of an oil tycoon, but if he’s legally working for his income in an industry that I can accept, then that’s enough. However, the income must be stable and will not require us to live paycheck by paycheck in the future. I do not want a guy who will be relying on me for money because he is too lazy to look for work.

– Must be faithful:
Cheating is something that I absolutely cannot tolerate. This should have been at the top of my list actually. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Men who cheat are the most rotten ones in the whole lot, especially if they deny everything even when the evidence is glaringly clear.

So, those are the major biggies. If I was to be real nit-picky, I could easily expand my list by adding a few more criteria like:
– Be genuine and sincere
– Care about his health
– Be assertive and confident
– Be patient, responsible, mature, honest
– Get along with my family and my friends

Looks fade, but personalities last a lifetime. It’s really hard to teach an old dog new tricks, and that’s the same with people. Don’t expect someone to change dramatically just because you ask them to. Some things never change, so don’t be a fool like Daisy in “The Great Gatsby”. Follow your head and your heart, and good luck to all of us who are still searching for their Mr. Right.


This photo was taken by CindTee, who took it during a trip to an island in Malaysia. What a beautiful place.. I hope to travel the world one day.


6 thoughts on “Mr. Right

  1. What a coincidence! My next book idea was going to be about “The Perfect Boy,” written from a perspective of a girl in the 20s, authored mainly by a boy. XD I’ve only jotted down the ideas and have yet to expand on it. Feel free to add your inputs in the doc. XD

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