Taiwan News

Something that I’ve noticed when watching the news in Taiwan is that they only ever show what’s going on in Taiwan; there is hardly ever any international news.

Awhile back, there was infighting among political members in the political party Kuomintang (KMT) between President Ma Ying-Jeou and the KMT legislator Wang Jin-pyng). However at the same time, there was the war raging on in Syria, with USA and Russia trying to negotiate a solution for Syria’s nuclear arms. That was not reported on the news though.

I think Taiwan is better than China in the sense that everything is censored in China, where unless you get access to a VPN, you can’t even log on to Facebook nor Youtube. However, Taiwan really needs to expand on what it shows on the news. So instead of reporting on car accidents and suicides, maybe start showing us what’s going on around the world. Then we will start to see that there are more important events going on around the world than some silly KMT infighting.


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