Getting thin through fecal transplant?

I came across a post on the New York Times yesterday that talked about a very interesting study. The title of the study is “Gut Bacteria From Thin Humans Can Slim Mice Down”.

In the study, they used identical twins as participants, where one twin was fat and the other was thin. They gave their gut bacteria to germ-free mice. Those given bacteria from thin twins had less body fat than those that received bacteria from fat twins.

The interesting findings don’t end there. Next, mice from both treatments were put into the same cage, so that their droppings mixed, and mice from both treatments ended up with a mixture of both types of bacteria inside their gut. Bacteria from the thin twins took over in mice that originally had bacteria from the fat twin. However, the reverse did not occur.

They went on to do a different experiment where they manipulated the food (high fat, low fruits+veggies vs. low fat, high fruits+veggies) What did they find from that experiment? In the mice given the high fat, low fruits+veggies diet, bacteria from the fat twin took over. The thin twin’s gut bacteria only took over when given the low fat, high fruits+veggies diet.

To read the full article, refer to the link below:

Even though it is too early for solid conclusions at this point, this shows that gut bacteria actually influences whether a person is fat or thin (but is it food choice leading to certain bacteria or bacteria leading to fat vs. thin?), and in the future, fecal transplant might actually be something that people can undergo to combat obesity!


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