Snail Mail: Happiness in an envelope!

I came home today to find two envelopes sitting on my desk! It was rather unexpected, and I immediately felt less tired from my long day of work after seeing them. I held them, weighed them in my hands, and wondered what surprises they contained. Snail mail is simply happiness in an envelope!


I have been feeling quite nostalgic these days. I even dreamed about Canada yesterday… I dreamed that I was at a barbeque, and I was messaging my friends in Canada asking them to come. But it was only just a dream.

I saved the envelopes to open them during my favourite time of the day: Right now, which is at night right after I shower and before I go to sleep.


Inside there was a “postcard” of the Rockies from Eye. It’s actually a photo that she took on her way to Alberta! It’s so postcard-perfect, and reminds me of home. I’m going to take it to work and decorate my desk space. Eye, thank you for showing me the Rockies from your eyes. I know more adventures await you there, and I can’t wait to hear all about them!

JTran sent me a cellphone charm from her trip to Hawaii (Thank you, it’s adorable! I know just the place to put it!), Starbucks gift cards (because I used to collect them in Canada, but I can’t collect them here because they cost money here in Taiwan), and a sweet letter (I’m so happy to hear your updates. And thanks for being such a sweet friend).

Hearing all about their trips makes me want to travel as well!

I thought I would miss Canada less as time goes on, but now that my internship at NMNBA has ended and I’ve been brought back from Heaven down to Earth, I’m really starting to feel it, and everyday is hard. It’s hard to make friends once you leave school, and things really aren’t the same when you no longer have friends to keep you company. Like Eye mentioned in her postcard, thank goodness for technology like Line and FB… but still… I miss everyone so much.

5 thoughts on “Snail Mail: Happiness in an envelope!

  1. Home really is where the heart is. I remember hearing a line somewhere, that said something like “We will be stuck here forever, even if the place is no longer within reach”. You spent the greater part of your life here…it’s hard to see anywhere else but here, as home. Just remember, no matter how far you’re gone, no matter how long you’re away, the memories you’ve shared with people here will be kept warm until your return !

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