Power Nap


I never used to nap, but ever since I started working, I noticed that everyone always took a short 15 or 20 minute nap after having lunch. For the first week or so, I spent time after lunch on the phone or on the computer, and I ended up feeling extremely tired and burned out by the time 3pm came around. Then I tried taking a nap… And wow! What a life changer! I’ve heard that naps help to re-energize you, but I didn’t think 15 or 20 minutes could do much for you.

CF further confirmed this by sending me an article today. Click the link below to read on if you’re interested:


But in a nutshell:


(Source: from the link above)


5 thoughts on “Power Nap

  1. L says:

    WTH is that purple thing hahahahahaha

    Because I stared at the computer so much during school my eyes were always tired. I try taking a tap but I wake up feeling worse (cloudy mind, cold…)

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