Rainy Saturday Creation

My sister and I baked scones this morning because it was raining too hard to go outside (typhoon is ruining all the fun). I think that scones and cupcakes are two things that are easy and almost fail-proof to bake. Even though today’s scones ended up looking more like biscuits, they still tasted really yummy! We made two kinds: raisin and cranberry.


Now all I need to find is some Devonshire cream and jam, and I’ll be ready for afternoon tea… It’s already hard enough to find Devonshire cream in Canada. I think the only place that has them here is the supermarket in Taipei 101. Too bad it’s so hard to make your own Devonshire cream. I’ll just eat it plain with butter.

Did you know?

The “high tea” that we have in hotels and tea shops with the three-tiered stands is actually not how it was enjoyed back in the days. For the British upper class, “afternoon tea” is the kind we see today, and “high tea” is actually the dinner of the working class. The “high” does not refer to “high class”, but rather “high noon”, signifying that it was taken later in the day.


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