Moon Festival BBQ

Yesterday I attended my first moon festival BBQ as is, of course, Taiwan tradition. First, we went to a supermarket to get ingredients and supplies. I picked my favourite: bacon! We got a bunch of other things too, including sausages, pork, mushrooms, baby corn, and sweet potato… and also a piece of salmon. Nobody’s ever BBQ’d salmon in our group, but we thought it’d be fun to give it a shot!

We ended up getting a LOT of food. I find that’s always the case with BBQs.. There’s always leftovers.

There is a typhoon near Taiwan this weekend, so it was pouring buckets half the time. Thank goodness we had the BBQ on Cola’s rooftop, where there was a covered roof. Otherwise we would’ve been drenched and the BBQ would have to be cancelled.




Not only was there food, there was also entertainment: a projector set up, with a nice sound system. Cola played his US top 40 hits playlist, Milktea and I got to share pictures from our Hokkaido trip, and later on we used the projector to play pictionary. There were many epic drawings (ex. Anne Hathaway, SK II…) and it was overall hilarious fun. The team that lost was filmed doing 3 minutes to a Korean exercise video, complete with bootie shakes! To end off the night, we watched a Hong Kong horror movie that wasn’t too scary (thank goodness!), which disappointed the guys.


And of course I couldn’t resist bringing out my Polaroid camera for the occasion. First Moon Festival BBQ in Taiwan, good food and good fun! I had so much food this weekend but because of the typhoon, not enough exercise! Time to start looking into gym memberships…


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