Maokong Gondola

I’ve been on a few gondolas in my life. I remember my first one was in Singapore, then again at Grouse mountain in Vancouver, then at Mount Tengu in Hokkaido, and most recently in Taipei!

The Taipei one is called “Maokong Gondola”, and it’s right by the Taipei zoo. The MRT (Taiwan’s subway system) goes there, so it’s quite convenient to get to, even though it’s a bit far from the city.

The good:
– It’s cheap (only $50NTD one way, which is less than $2CAD)
– It’s a long ride (~15 minutes one way?)
– Beautiful during the day and at night (I want to go at night next time!)
– Small compartments so if you go with a group, you can get your own. (It seats 5 people for the “crystal compartments” and 6-8 for the regular ones)

The bad:
– It can get hot during the afternoons
– Line ups can be long (it is Taiwan after all…)
– It’s not always open (it actually closes quite often. If the wind reaches a certain speed or if there’s the chance of a thunderstorm, it’s closed. Try again next time!!)
– Gondola itself is fun, but there isn’t much to do when you get off at the final destination


There are two compartments to choose from: crystal or regular. We picked the crystal one because it has a clear bottom to look out of:


The glass was so clear! I wonder if it’s the material or do they clean it often?


The view from above was amazing! The ride was comfortable, and it was a good length. There were some parts of it where it sped up or had a steep drop or rise (like a roller coaster, but without the tummy flips!). Maokong gondola actually stops at 3 stops along the way before reaching the final stop. Literally an “air bus”! I must say that Maokong was the most fun out of all my gondola experiences.

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