Taiwan Culture???

I don’t know if it’s just Taiwan culture, but work etiquette sure is different here compared to Canada. I have only received one handshake at work, and that was during the interview. I have NEVER been asked the question “How are you”. The question I get asked the most often isn’t even my name! (Only been asked twice for that) It’s “How tall are you?”, followed by “How many kilos do you weigh?” Then when I tell them my weight, they look slightly shocked, but quickly recover and say it’s because I’m tall. There are certain things that they do that I perceive to be rude, but maybe I’m just not used to the culture yet? I’m still trying to learn how to fit in.. It hasn’t been easy. :(


6 thoughts on “Taiwan Culture???

  1. kevin says:


  2. “How much do you weigh”…? What possible reason could they have for needed to know that….Dunno…maybe customs are a lot different there. It’s always important to remember though, although over time, you might become more used to, and even adopt some of the culture, never forget your roots and who you are :)

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