10 Years for 101

Today on the walk at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, we looked up and saw Taipei 101. Today’s 101 is pink, which is strange because it’s a Thursday so it should’ve been green (101’s colour changes everyday depending on the colour of the week, and it’s ROYGBIV). Turns out it’s Taipei 101’s 10th birthday today!


Happy 10th birthday, Taipei 101! I can’t believe that it’s already been 10 years since 101 was built. I still remember walking by it when it was first being built. Back then I had moved back for elementary school, then flew back soon after to continue schooling in Vancouver… and now I’m back in Taiwan again, possibly for good. The same place in a different time, and look how much has changed. There used to be nothing around 101, and now it’s the Vegas of Taiwan like my dad likes to call it. Time flies.


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