Day 3 morning: Northern Horse Park

Sorry for the slow updates, but I did so much in Hokkaido that I have to break everything down, otherwise I won’t feel like writing, and nobody will feel like reading.


So anyway, on the morning of Day 3 we travelled to Northern Horse Park, where they offer recreational activities for tourists such as horseback riding, horse drawn carriage rides, archery, and biking. We got to pick three activities out of the four. I already knew what I wanted to do: horseback riding, archery, and biking.


Grandma, mom, and uncle wanted to go on the carriage ride. It took them for a 15 minute tour around the park.


The horse I rode is named Gold Rush. It was basically a short two minute ride around a dirt track. It wasn’t too exciting, and there was someone holding onto the rope the entire time. MilkTea was a bit disappointed because she’s always wanted to try horseback riding, but this didn’t match up to her expectations.


Next, we tried our hand at archery. The goal was to hit the balloons, but the arrows provided all had rubber tips, so even if they hit the balloons, the balloons don’t pop. It’s kid-friendly archery. Again, not too exciting.


Archery is really good exercise though. I took an archery lesson once back in Canada with FanGirl, and learned that I was left eye dominant, so I should actually shoot like a lefty. I wanted to try shooting with a right-handed bow though because it felt more natural to me. It was awkward because it’s more natural for me to pull back the string with a right-handed bow, but then I end up having difficulty looking at the target because I naturally use my left eye.


Last, we rented a bike to take in the view around the park. We decided on a tandem bike, but not the usual tandem bikes. I can’t balance properly on the regular tandem bikes, and they always turn out to be a disaster for me. The tandem bikes we rented were stable, but they were slow!! The park was beautiful though. We even witnessed a wasp attack and take down a dragonfly before flying the body somewhere to consume or lay eggs in it… Very fascinating!



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