Rule of Thirds

Awhile back while having coffee with Jun Jun, we came across the topic of photography and he told me about the “rule of thirds”. I had never heard of this rule before, but apparently it’s one of the first things you learn in beginner photography courses. Basically, it’s a guideline that divides a photo into nine equal sections by two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, then important parts of a photograph should be placed on those lines. For example, when taking a photo of a person with a scenery in the background, the person should not be placed in the middle, but rather on one of the vertical lines. As for the background, depending on what it is, can be placed on a horizontal line. Neat, eh?

I noticed my uncle using the rule of thirds during the Hokkaido trip. He works in the commercial biz, so he knows how to capture angles and take nice shots. After learning this rule, I’m more conscious about the photographs I take now!

7 thoughts on “Rule of Thirds

  1. Hi! I am an amateur photographer trying to learn digital photography by myself and I discovered this rule last month! I had never heard it before and it was such a discovery! Pictures usually look more interesting when the subject is not in the middle of the shot. I put into practice the rule of thirds last week while I was hanging out in the beach and I was really happy with the result. Feel free to check them out and give me your opinion :)

  2. L says:

    I was doing this subconsciously before I heard about this term. I can’t even remember how and when I came across it. You never knew about it?

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