Day 2 Afternoon: Hill of Four Colourful Seasons

In the afternoon of day 2, we visited another famous floral farm in Furano called “四季彩之丘”, which translates to “Hills of Four Colourful Seasons”.


This is a privately owned farm, but they don’t collect an entrance fee to visit. It is a popular tourist spot in Furano for their beautiful patchwork flower fields, and if the weather was nice, we were going to rent bikes. Unfortunately for us though, it rained. Boo to bad weather! The yellow building contains an indoor market and a souvenir store. Some of the more interesting things that they sell include alpaca milk candy (I was tempted to try!), edible raw corn, deer antlers, and canned deer meat.


A lot of people like to shoot wedding photos here in the summer, because the flowers are very beautiful here, especially their lavender! In the picture above, you can see the patchwork design of the floral fields. They also offer wagon tours of the farm if you pay a fee (~1000 yen I believe).

If the weather was nice, it’s possible to spend two hours here. All the pictures taken among the flowers would look like they came straight out of magazine. That’s how beautiful this place is. Alas, the sun wasn’t on our side. Next time, perhaps.


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