@ Hilton hotel, Nikseko

I’m using the wifi in the lobby of Hilton Hotel right now. For such a fancy hotel, I’m surprised that they only offer wifi on the first and second floors! Maroon 5’s “Daylight” is playing in the background, I’m feeling full and sleepy from the buffet dinner, and just resting a bit before heading over to the onsen (hot springs). :) Life’s good. Even though it rained for the whole afternoon, we were lucky enough to get in a bit of outdoor fun this morning at a horse farm. Went for a short horseback ride, did some archery, and rode a tandem bike. Visited the Hokkaido aquarium in the afternoon and saw a penguin parade and dolphin show. I was able to share some fish knowledge for my family because I learned a bit about fish this past summer at NMMBA. Being at that aquarium brought back good memories of my time at Pingtung!

Off to the hot springs now. Tour guide said that there won’t be a hot spring at the hotel we’re staying at tomorrow night.


10:11pm @ lobby in Hilton Niseko, with Milktea~


2 thoughts on “@ Hilton hotel, Nikseko

  1. Ah! You guys are with a tour group! x) I was wondering how you guys were picking out places and deciding which ones to go to.
    I asked around a bit at I-House as to what to do in Hokkaido and “lavender” flower sightseeing was mentioned a lot. In japanese, it’s ラベンダー (Rabendā). Have you checked them out yet? :D

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