Today I went running for the first time since my last run at the aquarium almost 10 days ago, and it wasn’t fun. During my run at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, I listened to the same songs (“Red” Album by Taylor Swift) and reminisced about my runs at NMMBA. Taipei is too loud, there are too many people, the air is so polluted, and the scenery isn’t pretty. I looked up at a starless sky; too many buildings, too many lights. I miss the suburbs of Pingtung County, I miss the suburbs of Vancouver City. Maybe I wasn’t meant to be trapped in Taipei City’s glitz and glamour.

Remembering the ocean breeze, remembering the fresh air, remembering the strange roads to Hou Wan (Back Bay) that became familiar after so many runs, remembering, remembering, remembering…


2 thoughts on “Reminiscent

    • Wow, this is so cool! So many routes. Thanks for sharing. I probably can’t run most of these since I need to stay close to home, but it’ll definitely make the runs more exciting. :)

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