I am really grateful for everything that has happened this summer; the good and the bad. Ray’s motto is ‘Be Grateful’, and I can really relate to that quote now. Even though I am really sad to see everyone leave after this internship, I am left with many wonderful memories.

I think I changed a lot throughout the past 6 weeks. Jun Jun asked me yesterday: ‘What did you gain the most from this internship experience?’ I thought about that question today during my dinner at Perfume Dance, and I would have to say that I learned how to let go this summer. I learned how to be happy for myself this summer. I learned to enjoy exercise (especially running!) this summer. I learned that Canadians pronounce the words ‘bag’, ‘again’, ‘pasta’, and ‘borrow’ differently from Americans, and that you can call Northern California ‘NorCal’, but you don’t call Southern California ‘SoCal’ (Apparently it’s a Southern California thing), and many others.

A proud moment for me 2 nights ago was when I won first place for our internship presentation with my lab partner JR. We didn’t expect to win first, but it was a nice surprise, and definitely a good way to end the program.

YOLO, so make the most of every moment in life!


Playing Go at 1am in a tea shop. Sleepless in Taipei on a Monday night.


4 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. It’s actually NorCal (Northern California) and SoCal (Southern California). And Cal is short for California, but Cal and California can both also stand for UC Berkeley, which was the first University of California. For instance, I sometimes introduce to local NorCal peeps that I’m studying at Cal!
    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your summer.

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