All Good Things Come to an End

My internship at NMMBA officially ended today. It’s been an amazing 6 weeks both in the lab as well as out of the lab. I am going to miss all the awesome people here and the fun times we shared. Last night we all went to Nan Wan (South Bay) to play with fireworks, and JR and I got flour dumped on us by Bear and Lisa. What a fun way to end the night; just another memorable night with my crazy and adorable lab. Love them all.


I’m going to miss Lisa and the fun times she brings to the lab (“Pei Yun~~~”, paparazzi shots, and trips to the aquarium), cute Bear and her daddy references, Arthur with his quiet yet endearing personality, Ernie and his crazy fast scooter skills, 小巫and her troll faces, Sandy and her cool stories from her time in Idaho, and last but not least, my lovely lab partner and friend JR for always being there for me through happy times and stressful times, for putting on cheerful smile every morning, ready to face another day. Thanks for being so amazing, you guys! *Happy tears* xoxo

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