Hiking at Lilong Mountain

Happiness today was having water to drink during a 6-hour round trip hike at Lilong Mountain (里龍山).

Sometimes we forget how precious some things, like water, are because we often take it for granted.

Someone told me once during a less-challenging hike at Sky Ladder (天梯) in Taichung, Taiwan. He said: “During the hike, don’t say that you’re tired, and do not rush. Appreciate the beauty of nature around you, and think about the people who created the path for your hike. Appreciate your healthy body, and do not see the end of the hike as the goal; enjoy the entire process.” Wise words from a kind man.

I realized that I can hike a lot faster going up, but it’s more physically exhausting. In contrast, going down scares me because I’m afraid I’ll fall, but I can hike a lot longer in between rests.

The view at the top of Lilong Mountain was totally worth the long hike. The hike has a total length of 3.75km, and the elevation of the peak is 1069m above sea level. We saw the Pacific Ocean on one side, and the Taiwan Strait on the other. Pictures say 1000 words:



How I got through the hike: Endurance, perseverance, and lots of water.


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