Kenting, Taiwan

There aren’t enough minutes in a day for me to do everything that I want to do! Like writing postcards, updating my blog, and uploading photos onto Facebook.. I’ll just take one bite at a time. Now, let me recap what I did this past weekend: I went to Kenting, Taiwan, the most famous beach getaway in Taiwan!

The hostel we stayed at had a gorgeous view of ‘sailboat rock’ (帆船石). Even though it was a 30 minute walk to Kenting main street from the hostel, it was still totally worth it!


On the first night I walked to the Kenting night market with Kat because we arrived 4 hours before anyone else. I love Kenting night market! It’s so wide and spacious, and there is a huge selection of food! In my opinion it’s better than the night markets in Taichung because everything is on one street, so someone like me won’t get lost.


On the second day we went to Eluanbi lighthouse. It is the southern-most lighthouse in Taiwan, and close to the southern-most point of Taiwan. It’s located in a pretty national park, complete with a ‘kissing stone’! (2 stones that look like they’re kissing)


We then proceeded to drive ATV’s, snorkeled at Houbihu (後壁湖), and played a couple of water activities (doughnut-shaped tube and ‘big foot’-shaped tube, pulled by jet ski’s). The day doesn’t end there! We then watched the sunset at Guan mountain (關山)…



… then went to look at natural gas fires at 出火, before heading to the night market again, and finally ending the night with a BBQ by the beach next to the hostel and playing ‘screw your neighbours’. :)



As for the third day? Spent the whole afternoon at ‘Inner Bay’ (內灣). Relaxing day by the beach. Perfect ending to a fun-filled and awesome weekend. Thanks for making this trip a reality, Jun-jun!! :)



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