7-11 Adventures

I’m interning at the National Museum of Marine Biology this summer, and it’s literally in the middle of nowhere. There’s a cafeteria here, but it’s only open on weekdays. So what do the poor interns with no scooters have to eat on weekends? Either instant noodles.. or bike 15 minutes to 7-11.

The 7-11’s here in Taiwan are really different from the ones in North America, with the biggest differences being that 7-11’s (and other convenience stores in general) are as abundant as Starbucks in North America, and they also offer a large selection of foods. Complete with a seating area, 7-11 really is the perfect place to grab a quick meal for those who are looking for convenience and relatively good quality food.


Dinner from 7/13/2013: Oden at 7-11. I wanted to try the Sasporilla(?) (黑松沙士) slurpee but they were out, so I had to stick with coke.


Today: Bacon and cheese pasta with milk. Yum~

Time to bike off all that food now… :) Eeks, I’m going to have extremely toned calves by the end of this summer.


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