Taipei – Day 1

I have officially moved from Vancouver, Canada to Taipei, Taiwan. After flying 12 hours across the Pacific Ocean, I finally arrived at the island where I was born. However, having spent the majority of my life in Vancouver (13 years!), I don’t know where “home” is anymore. I guess I’ll see this as an adventure and a new chapter in my life.

First of all, I want to say a big “Thank You” to everyone who helped me with the move. I had so much packing and cleaning to do, as well as a ton of things to get rid of. Giving myself only two and a half days to do all that would’ve been impossible if it wasn’t for some very special friends. So thanks!!

Also, I really miss my friends in Vancouver. Hopefully we’ll keep in touch and see each other again in the future. Feel free to contact me if you ever decide to visit Taiwan. Like someone told me once: “It’s not good bye, it’s see you later”.

It seems like I came to Taiwan at a bad time, because one of the things I looked forward to the most was the food here. However, many popular food products such as egg pudding and bubble tea have recently been recalled because they were suspected of containing maleic anhydride. ( So there won’t be any delicious snack pictures to share with all of you until such foods are deemed safe for consumption. :( Taiwan really needs to work on passing stricter food laws and regulate what gets put into the foods! Taiwan is famous for its food, so it’s such a shame to see that reputation get tarnished through this tainted food scandal.

YoyoBaby says "good night"!

Greetings from YoyoBaby


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