Letting go, Starting over.

“Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over.”

 – Nicole Sobon

In a little less than four months, I will be on the plane flying back to Asia on a one-way ticket, starting over in a place that I am unfamiliar with, in a culture that is very different from the one I’m living in right now.

I have been living in Canada for the majority of my life, but my parents’ intention was never for me to stay and grow old here. They have always had the notion that this will be a place for school, and that once I graduate, I will go back to Taiwan, settle down, and find a job. I am very thankful for my parents for giving me the opportunity to study in a foreign country, but a lot of sacrifices were made along the way as well. As a child, I saw my mom only two, or at most three, times a year, less than two weeks each time, because she had to stay in Taiwan to work. My dad stayed in Canada to take care of my sister and me even though he would much rather be back in Taiwan than stuck in North America. Sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it? I will never know though, since I can’t turn back the time and start over again from the beginning. When I asked my mom about it a few years ago, she told me that my dad had expressed regrets, but she said that regret won’t solve anything. The only thing that we can do now is to keep moving forward and not looking back.




2 thoughts on “Letting go, Starting over.

  1. This post makes me sad.

    You know what, all this was worth it. You made all these friends, you went to one of the best university in Canada, you got to experience so much here over the past x years. Lastly you created bonds with people that will never break.

    And you’re not necessarily starting all over again. This is just another chapter in your life! This is not goodbye Amy more like see you later!

    :( this is making me really sad :'(

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