Saravanaa Bhavan

Saravanaa Bhavan is located on West Broadway, where a lot of other good restaurants are located. This place serves Indian food, and everything here is vegetarian.

I have not tried too many Indian dishes, but my favourite by far is the dosa (Indian-styled crepes stuffed with vegetables and/or meat). I am always excited to try Indian food, because I never know what to expect! The unique blend of spices that they use are so unique and flavourful, even though they might be a bit too spicy for some people. It’s always fun to order food in an Indian restaurant, where most of the items have exotic names such as “Bagalabath” and “Aloo Gobi”. Saravanaa Bhavan also serves something tomato omelette (not the omelette as we know it though! This one contains no egg at all, and it’s very spicy!!).

I ordered a Rava Masala Dosa last night. The menu described it as being a “cream of wheat & rice crepe stuffed with spicy potatoes & onions”. Spicy? Cream of wheat crepe? Yes, please!

Rava Masala Dosa – $8.50

The wheat gave the crepe a crunchy texture, and after attempting to eat the dosa with a fork and spoon, I gave up and started to use my hands instead. The different sauces that came with the dosa were really flavourful, perfect for dipping the crepe with. The sauces from top to bottom: tomato, coconut, mint (my favourite one). The little dish on top of the dosa contained spicy lentil sauce. For those who can’t handle spicy things though, take note: this dish (and many other Indian dishes) are not for the weak of tongue. ;)
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