Bread Pudding

As I mentioned in my Fleuri post, I attempted to make the chocolate croissant bread pudding after having it at the chocolate buffet in Sutton Place Hotel.

The recipe I used came from Bread Pudding Recipe.

I tweaked the recipe up a bit so that it would fit into one loaf pan. I basically halved the recipe, but added extra milk and egg into the pudding mixture. I didn’t add any raisins nor cinnamon. I also sprinkled in some semi-sweet chocolate chips into the bread, then topped it all off with a croissant (broke it into pieces) and more chocolate chips. I personally don’t like it when bread pudding is too sweet, so I added a bit less sugar.

The product:

Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding

Yum! :) Success!

The result was a bread pudding that smelled like buttery croissants, swirled with melted semi-sweet chocolate chips, and tasted moist and eggy. Mmm~


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