Suika means “watermelon” in Japanese. Suika is also the name of a Japanese restaurant located on West Broadway. It is an izakaya, like Guu. For lunch, Suika serve lunch sets; for dinner, they serve small plates. I heard that it’s not exactly a place you’ll get full from if you go for dinner.

Anyway, Mochi, Milktea, JL, and I, along with a few friends, decided to go to Suika for lunch one day.

Suika – Japanese Snack Bar

We arrived at 1pm for lunch and the place was packed. Good thing we made a reservation so we were seated almost right away. It was quite spacious inside, and everything was made out of wood: tables, floor, chairs; it gave the place a nice and rustic look. I especially liked their ceiling lights!

Ceiling lights at Suika made from beer bottles

Mochi was not too interested in their lunch menu, and so he asked the friendly waitress whether he can order from the dinner menu. She replied that it was perfectly fine.

I ordered the Double Tonkatsu Set from the lunch menu:

Double Tonkatsu Set – $12.80

I loved the presentation of this set. The pork loin cutlet was coated in panko (bread crumbs) and deep fried to perfection. It came with two different dipping sauces, a bowl of rice, miso soup, a bowl with sesame seeds, some kimchi, and some grated radish. MilkTea told me that the proper way to eat tonkatsu was to first mash up the sesame seeds, then pour one of the sauces into the bowl (soy sauce). The tonkatsu was then ready to be eaten by dipping them into the two sauces, and the grated radish was to help get rid of the oily taste.

The tonkatsu was crispy on the outside, and extremely flavourful. The miso soup was very good as well, and it had a few pieces of carrot and radish inside.

Deluxe “Suika” Box – $10

This box came with nine different kinds of appetizers. Some tasted better than others. I really enjoyed the tofu cup and the chicken cup. Others were a bit plain, such as the bread cup and the tomato cup. It was visually appealing though!

Complimentary Salad

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Suika gave us a huge bowl of salad while we were waiting for our meal to arrive. It was a very simple salad, with lettuce and vinaigrette, but it was very nice of them to do that! :) It made the entire experience that much better.

Sashimi “Shake” Salad – $7.80

JL’s sashimi “shake” salad. We were wondering why it was called a shake salad until our server brought it over. The salad came in a jar. Basically, the sashimi, vegetables, and sauces are all put into a glass jar and then shaken up, hence the name “shake” salad. The greens and sashimi tasted fresh, and I especially enjoyed the tobico.

Sable fish?

This was on their special menu for lunch. I think it was sable fish. It was quite a small piece, and in terms of taste it was not bad. I just didn’t like having to pick the tiny bones out, which is why I tend to stick to cod and salmon sashimi.

Tuna Tataki – $6

Mmm.. Tuna tataki! It was drizzled with homemade chili oil, complete with scallions and sliced onions.

Negitoro Battera – $9.80

This pressed sushi was topped with tuna belly and avocado, and drizzled with a seaweed sauce. MilkTea really enjoyed this sushi. I thought it tasted good as well, and everything melted in my mouth. However, for almost the same price, I still preferred Miku’s aburi sushi.

The Good:
– Friendly staff
– Great service
– Creative food

The Bad:
– Parking was hard to find
– Have to order a lot to get full for dinner
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