Nao Sushi

I would pass by Nao Sushi whenever I visited JL’s house, but it never struck me as a restaurant I would like to go try because it was not conspicuous and I have never heard anyone talk about it. However, MilkTea has always wanted to try it out, and after asking around, it seemed like Nao Sushi was actually quite popular! Apparently it’s known for having delicious and authentic Japanese food (since it’s a Japanese-run restaurant), albeit on the pricier side.

Exterior of Nao Sushi

Right off the bat, I wanted to try their cream cheese roll. They call it the JB roll here. I hope that it doesn’t stand for Justin Bieber.

JB Roll – $3.50

The roll was very small, but each piece was bite-size which was nice. The cream cheese was soft and the flavour blended well with the smoked salmon. Smoked salmon and cream cheese, two of my favourites in one sushi. Mmm~ :)

Alaska Roll – $3.95

Sushi Garden’s Alaska rolls are still my favourite. This Alaska roll was again, smaller than what I’m used to, but the ingredients tasted delicious and fresh, and the avocado was soft and ripe.

Salmon Sashimi – $9.80

Sashimi Salad

Nao Sushi serves delicious sashimi salad. JL always orders a sashimi salad whenever we go to a Japanese restaurant, so I have tried sashimi salad from Suika, Sushi garden, Guu, and now Nao Sushi. Nao’s sashimi salad is different in that it’s topped with tortilla chips, which adds a crunch to the salad. This salad is pretty filling and for one person, it would probably constitute half a meal.

Ichi Roll – $8.50

The Ichi Roll is one of Nao Sushi’s special rolls and consists of crab, tobico, scallop, tamago, and avocado all wrapped in rice and rice paper instead of nori. It was my first time having a sushi that used rice paper instead of seaweed, but the rice paper didn’t have much flavour. The filling was good, and I could taste the crab.

Dragon Roll – $6.50

This special roll was eel topped with avocado. I thought that the avocado and sauce combo on top of the sushi looked beautiful. This tasted better than the Ichi Roll, and the avocado was perfect.

Seared Toro (top) – $1.80 & Seared Hamachi – $2.70
4/5 & 2/5

MilkTea has never had seared nigiri before, so we ordered the toro and hamachi. The nigiri had a bit of wasabi between the fish and the rice, and I liked the toro better than the hamachi.

Chicken Kamameshi

Chicken Kamameshi (inside)

Kamameshi is a Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot. It came in a cute little pot, and there was a little rice paddle included as well to scoop the rice into a bowl. There were pieces of chicken, and carrots and snow peas. Overall it was a very healthy rice dish, not too oily, but it lacked a bit of flavour.

Asari Sakamushi

Asari Sakamushi are asari clams steamed with Japanese sake. It’s simple, yet delicious. The clams did not have a fishy taste, and the broth that the clams were steamed in tasted great as well. It’s the perfect dish to order on a cold winter day.

I would definitely go back to Nao Sushi again. Next time I want to try their lunch specials!

The Good:
– Great tasting food
– Delicious sashimi salad
– Wonderful service

The Bad:
– It’s not exactly cheap, but the quality makes up for it
– Small portions, so you have to order quite a lot to get full

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