More Ali Shan Restaurant

Find the blog post on my first visit to Ali Shan Restaurant here: Ali Shan Restaurant

Yesterday I blogged about the visit to Ali Shan Restaurant (from a few weeks back), and today Mochi decided to go there again for lunch. My guess is that he couldn’t resist the picture of the deep fried yam balls! I already had lunch, so I just ordered snacks (deep fried yam balls and shaved ice) while Mochi ordered an chicken filet and tomato sauce omelette.

Omelette Rice, Deep Fried Chicken & Tomato Sauce – $8.20

This was Mochi’s omelette in tomato sauce, completed with a deep fried chicken filet. I must admit: I stole more bites than I should have. :P The potato salad tasted great, and the chicken was tender on the inside, and crispy on the outside. Yum! The omelette itself was filled with rice that had been tossed in ketchup so nothing too special there, and I didn’t like the way that the egg was prepared today. This tomato sauce omelette paled in comparison to the curry omelette I had last time, both in terms of appearance and taste. I also didn’t like the yellow vegetable. Mochi and I were both unsure as to what it was.. probably some sort of candied vegetable.. Possibly candied sweet potato??

Deep Fried Yam Balls – $3.50

[For my complete review on this snack, please see my blog post from my first visit: Ali Shan Restaurant]

It was a hot day today, so I decided to give Ali Shan’s shaved ice a try. Their shaved ice actually had a separate menu. You pick toppings and the price reflects that: it was $4.50 for 3 toppings, and $0.50 for each additional topping. I picked the taro cubes (芋圓), red beans, and taro. It also came with a sauce; I went with the condensed milk.

Shaved Ice (3 toppings) – $4.50

It took awhile for this order to come, because the taro cubes took a long time to prepare. The first thing I noticed was that the whole thing was melting very quickly. The taro cubes were chewy and tasty and it was the best topping out of the three. Red beans were what you would expect, but the  taro tasted horrible. They had a sour taste and did not blend well with the rest of the shaved ice. You can’t really go wrong with condensed milk, but as the ice melted too quickly, the condensed milk all gathered at the bottom and made this dessert too sweet to finish. I probably won’t be coming back again for their shaved ice. ><“


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