Capstone Fondue

There aren’t that many places that offer fondue here in Vancouver. The first fondue place that I have ever tried was Capstone Fondue on Robson Street. I had their cheese fondue and overall, my experience was just average. Nothing special, and too expensive for what you get. This was a couple of years back, and a while ago I noticed that there was a Groupon for 50% off of fondue at Capstone, so I decided to give them another try.

I really like how they have an online reservation system on their website, especially because they don’t pick up phone calls so there would be no way to reserve by phone anyway.

Exterior of Capstone Fondue

Interior of Capstone Fondue

MilkTea, Mochi, JL, and I arrived at around 4pm, and it was already quite busy inside. The colour scheme inside was white and green. It was well-lit and it looked very pretty. They used to have bubble tea, but now they offer teas such as herbal teas and tea lattes (probably trying to change their image from a bubble tea place to a classy tea place).

We were promptly seated but we had trouble flagging down someone who could take our orders for us. After finally making our orders, we waited for quite some time before our orders came. We ordered a decadent cheesecake fondue for two and an ice-cream truffle fondue for two.

Individual pots of melted chocolate with a candle below

I liked these individual sized pots for the chocolate fondue. They didn’t have these the last time I was at Capstone.

Decadent Cheesecake Fondue for Two – $24.95

This is the cheesecake fondue. It came with cheesecake cubes, ice-cream balls (green tea, mango, strawberry, cookies&cream), lemon cake, banana bread, green tea(?) shortbread, and 4 toppings. The server didn’t even ask us what toppings we would like to choose.

I thought that the ice-cream “truffle centres” were the best, but they had to be eaten quickly because the melted chocolate did not stick well to melting ice cream. My teeth hurt a bit when I bit into the ice cream truffle, but I soon got used to it and it was tasty nonetheless. :)

Ice-cream truffle

The cheesecake cubes tasted alright, but after being at room temperature for a while, it started to melt and would crumble when we tried to pierce them with the little fondue forks. The lemon cake was too dry, green tea shortbread was too hard to pierce with the forks so we had to use our hands, and the banana cake was probably the next best thing after the ice-cream balls.

Next up, the ice-cream truffle fondue for two:

Ice-Cream Truffle Fondue for Two – $22.95

This one came with 16 ice-cream balls, shortbread, lemon cake, and banana cake. The only difference between this fondue set and the cheesecake one was that the cheesecake fondue set had cheesecake cubes and this one didn’t. Again, the server did not ask us what toppings we would like to have.

All in all, we were stuffed by the time we finished. The portions were good, and the individual pots were cute, but definitely not worth paying the original price for.

The Good:

– Ice-cream balls
– Individual pots
– Pretty store

The Bad:

– Pricey
– Bad service
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