Happy Easter!

How did everyone spend the Easter long weekend? I made egg tarts and studied for final exams. :)

Egg tarts are so easy to make if you buy the pre-made tart shells. Pre-made tart shells are very cheap at SuperStore (the no-name brand). It only takes a few minutes to whip up the egg tart filling (milk, sugar, vanilla, eggs) and pop them into the oven for a delicious snack!

I’m going to make Portuguese egg tarts after I buy some cream. I already have puff pastry in the freezer (there was a sale on tart shells and puff pastry). They’re quite unhealthy because they are just laden with butter and cream, but I still love them nonetheless! I just won’t eat them that frequently.

Yummy egg tarts!

Baking helps me to de-stress, so I tend to bake a lot during exam time. :P


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