Italian Tomato Restaurant

Yesterday I attended a friend’s birthday party. She decided on Italian Tomato, her favourite restaurant, for dinner. I was very excited because I really enjoy Italian cuisine and I haven’t had pasta in a while!

Italian Tomato - Exterior


This restaurant is situated in Richmond and from outside it didn’t look like much. It wasn’t too hard to find by car, so Mochi drove us there right on time. It is also located near the Canada Line (Bridgeport station).

The inside of the restaurant looks very lovely, with a nice Italian look to it. The kitchen was clearly visible, and there was also a bar to serve up alcoholic drinks.

Interior of the restaurant

The menu contained soups, salads, pasta, specialty dishes (such as lasagna), pizza, and calzones. I have never had a calzone but it’s basically a rolled-up pizza. Someone ordered one and it was shaped like a football (around the same size too!) with pizza filling inside.


After we ordered, we received complimentary bread. It was just white crusty bread (similar to the loaves sold at Superstore but with less crust). The bread would’ve tasted a lot better if it was warm, but it was quite cold. The butter was cold too, which makes it hard to spread the bread with. However, the bread was soft and I was starving since I waited for an hour for everyone to arrive, it really helped to satiate my hunger.

Complimentary bread and butter

For pasta, you have to first choose what kind of pasta you would like, and then choose the sauce. I selected penne for my pasta and funghi for my sauce (a cream sauce with mushrooms). Mico ordered the polpette bolognese (basically just spaghetti with meatballs). I wish I had shared the dish with Mochi because the plate was huge!! Too bad there had to be a minimum order of $14.95 per person.

Penne with creamy mushroom sauce $16.95

Polpette Bolognese (spaghetti) $20.95 - see the meatballs in the next image

Meatballs that go with the Polpette Bolognese

I ended up only finishing half and I had to pack up the rest. Out of the 15+ people who were there, only one person managed to finish everything on the plate.

Frankly speaking, the quality of the pasta wasn’t the best. It tasted good (until I was stuffed and felt a bit nauseous). I felt like it was more quantity over quality. For the same price you can get good quality pasta with just the right portion. I still prefer Frankie’s Italian Kitchen and I wouldn’t recommend Italian Tomato to anyone who’s looking for good quality pasta.

My complaint for Italian Tomato is that if they know that almost no one can finish their dishes, why not let two people share a dish? However, they require a minimum order of $15.95 per person. To be honest, I find that to be quite unnecessary. Also, after I took my food home and microwaved it for lunch the next day, the cream sauce completely melted into a pool of greasy oil. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be normal or not but it was a bit gross.

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