Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier

I was browsing today when I came across this awesome post.

Here are some ideas to make life easier, from making instant cupcake carriers to heart-shaped hard boiled eggs. :)

All credit goes to 9gag user raachelf!



5 thoughts on “Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier

  1. Zephia says:

    That’s pretty awesome. I could definitely use the bread tag one. I love the cookie bowl one. Walnuts are so magical. How does the egg one work? You press it for a period of time?

    • Yeah for the egg one, I’m still trying to figure it out. Next time I make hard boiled eggs, I’m going to try. ;)

      I like the ice cream cone cakes! and the strawberry hulling one. I’m going to try all of them next time! XD

      • Zephia says:

        but the strawberry will have 2 holes and it won’t look as pretty. that and if your strawberries are firm it’s gonna be hard to get through it with a straw. i’d rather just slice off the top

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