The Buffet at Bellagio

Happy 2012 everybody!! I am back from a 5 day trip down to Las Vegas and I must say that I really miss it, even though everything was so pricey there. On the second night we went to Bellagio for dinner. Pudding told me that Bellagio’s buffet was the best, so I was very excited to try it out. Upon arrival, we found out that because it was the holidays, the price for dinner increased from less than $40 per person to almost $50 per person. Next time I know not to come during Christmas break… All the prices are elevated to reflect the increased popularity of Las Vegas as a tourist attraction.

Line-up in front of The Buffet at Bellagio

After waiting for an hour, we were finally admitted. By that time, there was only an hour left before they stopped serving more food, so we were a bit rushed for time. I have heard that the best part of this buffet is the king crab legs, and so the first thing I got was the legs. However, they were a pretty big disappointment. Yes, they are expensive stuff and they were delicious since I have never tried them before, but they were so icy that I was only able to eat a bit before my stomach was too cold and I had to get something hot to eat.

King crab legs and salad

More food



I just want to mention that these photos were all taken by my sister (Kabocha) and that the plates of food were also her’s.

Overall I was not extremely impressed with The Buffet at Bellagio. It was not horrible, but definitely not worth the $50. The king crab legs were too icy, and there wasn’t a super large selection of foods that interested me. The desserts were too sweet and the decor of the restaurant needs updating. At least the server who cleared our plates and gave us drinks was really nice.
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