Guu with Garlic

On Wednesday, to celebrate Mochi’s birthday, we went to Guu with Garlic for dinner. At first we wanted to try the one in Gastown, but they didn’t have any oden or the kabocha koroke (my favorite~) so we opted for the one on Robson instead.

Entrance to Guu with Garlic

This is my second time at Guu with Garlic. The first time I went, I got a seat in the tatami area so I didn’t really get to see everything that was going on in the izakaya. This time we were actually lucky enough to get a seat at the bottom where all the action was! When I made a reservation, they had told me that there were no more seats in the bottom left, but I guess a space cleared up~ The only disappointing part of the night was that they had run out of kabocha koroke.. Oh well.. Next time then. :(

First up, we ordered a Guud Ale since Mochi really wanted to try it.

Guuud Ale $8.50

A glass of ale!

It tasted quite bitter to me. It was a bit stronger than the other beers that I have had. I can’t really comment on it too much since I’m not an expert in beer~ Half a glass was more than enough for me though! I prefer the sweet stuff.

Next up was the mochikin (sticky rice cake in a tofu bag):

Mochikin $2

This one is my favorite oden and as far as I know, only Guu offers it. The tofu bag really soaks up the flavorful soup and combined with the soft rice cake inside, it’s a match made in heaven.

Next, the beef tataki:

Beef tataki $5.20

This dish was amazing! The beef was lightly seared on the outside and raw on the inside. Then it was thinly sliced and served with ponzu sauce. It tasted slightly chewy and really flavorful.

Sashimi Salad $6.50

This is a must-have everytime I come to Guu. The assorted sashimi pieces always taste fresh and it’s a nice dish to order if you want a balanced diet of meat and veggies. There aren’t many veggie dishes at Guu, so this one is a very refreshing dish to have.

Takoyaki $4

The takoyaki’s here are special because they are deep fried. That makes the doughy shell slightly crispy on the outside, but nice and soft on the inside. The batter they use is also very delicious, and the octopus piece inside is big enough to taste (unlike the ones in Richmond night market).

Kimchi Udon $7.80

The udon tastes very chewy and it really mixed well with the fish roe and kimchi. I want to attempt and make this dish at home next time! I think this one tastes better than the yakiudon.

Kakuni $6.30

After reading about this dish on someone else’s blog that OmNom showed me, I wanted to try it as well! I thought that it was an interesting dish.. I didn’t really know how to eat it since the poached egg and the pork belly were just floating in the bowl of oil. The meat was very tender and tasted good with the steamed bun. However I didn’t really know how to eat the egg? If anyone can clarify this dish for me, please leave a comment!

Grilled Black Mackerel

This dish was on the special menu that changes all the time. I had it the last time I was eating at this location too! The chips on top are garlic chips which I thought was interesting (at first I thought they were dried banana slices!). This dish is slightly salty and would taste a lot better if eaten with white rice.

When it was time, we asked for the birthday cake. It took them a while to bring it up. At first we thought that they forgot about it, but after 10 minutes of waiting, suddenly the lights were turned off and the music stopped playing. Then they brought out the birthday cake! They also sang “Happy Birthday” with us too. It made the entire experience extra special. We gave them some mango pudding cake before we left!

Happy Birthday, Mochi! :)

Overall, I think Guu Thurlow still has a better selection of food (they have more things on the special menu too). However, I like the seating areas at Guu with Garlic better. There are more seats and it feels less crammed and so you feel less obligated to eat quickly and get out of there. However, the service at all the Guu locations are impeccable! I want to try their newest location next time: Kobachi on Denman!
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3 thoughts on “Guu with Garlic

  1. L says:

    Yeah I been meaning to try & make the kimchi udon but I kept on forgetting to go buy the mentaiko…
    it’s so sad ’cause no one else in my family eats kimchi & my mom refuse to buy it for me now ’cause she says it stinks up the fridge ;O; i am so addicted to that stuff though *sigh*

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