Fit for Life

There is a store called “Fit for Life” across from Superstore in Metrotown. They share the space with another store that sells newspapers, magazines and candy bars so it can be kind of easy to miss at first. I first knew about it when Mochi told me about the great frozen yogurt that they served there so I had to try for myself!

Fit for Life

I went to try it out the first time when they first started serving up frozen yogurt. They usually sell sandwiches and salads but I guess they wanted to try something new. It used to be only $1 for a huge cup plus one free topping, but now it’s $1.49 for a cup and 49cents for each topping. It’s still a pretty good size for the price that you pay though!

They only serve original flavor yogurt; It tastes a bit tangy and not too sweet. I didn’t like how it was so melty though. Qoola’s yogurt is much better in my opinion. This one probably contains less probiotics than Qoola as well.

Frozen yogurt with strawberry topping $2

Overall, my favourite frozen yogurt is still Qoola (good mochi topping!) and the one from Ikea (cheap and yummy~Only a dollar).

Fit for Life on Urbanspoon


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