Teahouse in Stanley Park

Today JL and OmNom went for a biking marathon around the Stanley Park seawall while I went for afternoon tea at the Teahouse with Mochi. The plan was for them to do two laps, which should give us plenty of time for afternoon tea. However, we did not expect to walk to Teahouse from Denman street.. Which was what we actually ended up doing.
It wasn’t too bad. The view was great and the weather was lovely. It was quite a long walk though. I would say it’s 30 minutes one way? On the way there, we stopped for a little food break and we ate the delicious D+ yeast bread that I bought from Konbiniya yesterday (Hokkaido cream flavour).

Hokkaido Cream Natural Yeast Bread

Finally we arrived at Teahouse. By then it was already 6:00pm.. Afternoon tea? I think not. It felt more like dinner.

Entrance to Teahouse

There were 3 different seating areas there. One outdoor patio as seen in the photo, one darker room with red wood furniture (I didn’t get a picture of that!), as well as the sun room (the one we ate in).

Sun room in Teahouse

Mochi ordered an Okanagan Pear Cider, and I had a special drink, the “pick-me-up”. It was basically Bailey’s with espresso over ice.

Pear Cider $6

This drink tasted fizzy, with a hint of bitterness. It’s like drinking an alcoholic soda (7% alcohol). Mochi actually got a bit tipsy after having a glass!

Pick Me Up $7

This was my drink: the Bailey’s with espresso over ice. They even added a cherry inside! I thought that it was a pretty drink and tasted just like ice coffee (with a hint of alcohol inside, but not very strong though).

We were going to order a red velvet chocolate cake for dessert, but I chose to get something savory instead, so I ordered a Teahouse stuffed mushrooms. We also got complimentary bread.

Complimentary bread with whipped butter

The bread was steaming hot and tasted really fresh! The butter melted nicely on the bread. Mochi usually dislikes bread crust, but he actually liked the one on this bread. I think OmNom will really enjoy this bread too since she is such a bread person.

Teahouse Stuffed Mushrooms $12

I have never had stuffed mushrooms before, but I have heard many good things about them! So I wanted to try some today. Sadly, Mochi did not prefer this taste. He thought it was too creamy and too flavourful. (Sorry! Treat you to something good next time?)

I thought it tasted really good. The mushrooms were stuffed with crab and cream cheese. Topped off with fresh greens, it did not taste too heavy to me. But then again, I am a huge fan of anything creamy and cheesy.

Close-up of a stuffed mushroom

Overall I liked the ambiance of the restaurant, as well as the delicious bread and friendly service. The view was spectacular too!

Alas, after the “afternoon tea”, it was another 30 minutes walk back to Downtown.. There was a free shuttle bus that came every half an hour or so, but it didn’t take a route that was convenient for us. It is mostly a shuttle bus for people who need to get back to their Downtown hotels. It’s still a thoughful service though for those that aren’t from around here!

Beautiful Stanley Park

The Teahouse on Urbanspoon


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