The Boss Restaurant

I went to the Boss restaurant with OmNom and FanGirl for a very early dinner last month. I wasn’t really feeling hungry (I think I had a large lunch that day?) so I just ordered a snack.

I have been to the Boss a couple of times already. They are a Hong Kong style cafe and the food there is relatively inexpensive. If you go during dinner time, the service is really bad and the servers are all really grumpy (probably because they get so busy). When we went at 4:30pm though, there weren’t a lot of people dining inside, and the service we got was really good.

French Toast

I was craving french toast that day, so french toast was what I ordered! It was served with a small bowl of syrup and butter on the side. The toast was really tasty, and there was some kind of orange coloured paste in between the bread slices. I was kind of confused as to what it was at first. I thought it might be marmalade? But I think it was actually sweet potato paste! I have never had french toast like this before, so I thought it was an interesting twist to this standard dessert.

Red Bean Slush

OmNom ordered a drink. It wasn’t too sweet since she requested half sugar. The condensed milk on the top tasted really yummy (I can never resist condensed milk~). There was a lot of red bean inside as well and it mixed well with the milk and crushed ice.

Pasta with Beef and Tomato Sauce

Last but not least, this is FanGirl’s pasta. There were beef chunks and a bit of veggies inside as well (some corn, peas, carrots). It was a good dish and the portion was good too. The tomato sauce wasn’t really the kind that I was used to. I guess since it’s Hong Kong style, that was the reason for why it didn’t taste like the tomato sauce that you would get with an Italian style pasta. It tasted more like a thick ketchup!

I like the large selection at the Boss restaurant. The price is inexpensive and the food reflects that. If you are looking for a casual place for some Hong Kong style food, this would be a good place to start. Just don’t forget to bring some cash since this place is cash only!


The Boss Restaurant 大班餐廳餅店 (Metrotown) on Urbanspoon


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